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Swedish, Sports, Pregnancy & Chair Massage in the Thame area of Oxfordshire and Haddenham & Aylesbury area of Buckinghamshire

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Swedish, Sports, Pregnancy & Chair Massage in the Thame area of Oxfordshire and Haddenham & Aylesbury area of Buckinghamshire

Body ReNewell at Work

What is On Site (Seated Acupressure) Massage?

Very simply it is a massage that is given through your clothes whilst you are sitting on a specially designed massage chair. It is based on a traditional form of Japanese massage called ANMA, and this literally means ‘press and rub’ – hence ‘massage’. It is a revitalising, tonifying treatment and the end result is quite different from aromatherapy or relaxation massage.

What are the Effects of On Site Massage?

 Promotes a sense of wellbeing

 Encourages a state of ‘alert relaxation’

 Unravels tense aching muscles

 Stretches cramped tendons and ligaments

 Relieves minor aches and pains

 Increases the circulation to all parts of the body, but specifically to the back, neck, head and arms

 Allows the body’s life energy (ki) to flow more easily

 Soothes and balances the nervous system

 Lowers and normalises the pulse count

 Is an immediate stress buster!

 If utilised on a regular basis, can help to prevent minor conditions developing into more serious illness.

You will feel great and energised after the massage!!

Advantages of On Site Massage in the Workplace

 Demonstrates the employers active commitment to the well being of its employees. The provision of a service that is highly visible, beneficial for health, enjoyable to receive and perceived as high value is extremely effective in motivating employees by making them feel valued and appreciated, especially where the service is funded or part funded by the organisation.

 Demands no capital investment to initiate or maintain

 Revitalises employees in only 20 minutes leaving them refreshed and alert.  As well as improving the performance of those at work, it makes absence from work due to stress related illness less likely.

 Requires little motivation for employees to participate as On Site Massage is enjoyable as well as therapeutic

 Demands no effort – no classes to attend, nothing to learn, practice or accomplish. The less you do, the more effective the treatment.

 Produces results in minutes, not days, weeks or months. Regular massage also reduces the likelihood of muscular tension developing into more serious muscular-skeletal conditions such as Repetitive Strain Injury and can help identify "at risk" staff.

Advantages of On Site Massage Compared to Other Methods of Stress Management

 Other forms of stress management are generally after the fact; On Site Massage offers relief from stress when it’s needed most – in the stressful situation. Results are achieved almost immediately

 There are specific physical reactions to stress, such as muscular tension, over sensitive nerves, aches and pains and restricted movement of joints – On Site Massage treats these symptoms directly and immediately

 All other systems of stress management require some sort of self discipline or effort. On Site Massage requires no expenditure of energy from clients whatsoever. They simply relax, and let the practitioner to do all the work.

 Most other forms of stress control offer information only. Whilst this information may be of excellent quality, unless acted upon, it cannot relieve the symptoms of stress.

 On Site Massage is extremely popular with nearly all employees, resulting in a very high participation rate. Compare this to other methods such as gym membership which is utilised by a relatively small percentage of the workforce.

 The value of £’s spent on this unique service is immediately seen and felt by both the company and its employees

A Flexible Service

Different organisations may want different things from an On Site Massage service so it is fully flexible in the following ways:

 On Site Massage can be used as a one off, as and when required or on a regular basis.

 There is no minimum booking. Even Sole Proprietors can benefit from our service.

 The length of appointments can be set at any duration from 10 minutes upwards. 15 minute, 20 minute and 30 minute appointments are generally the most popular.


On Site Chair Massage
On Site Chair Massage
Body ReNewell Massage Therapy

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