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Swedish, Sports, Pregnancy & Chair Massage in the Thame area of Oxfordshire and Haddenham & Aylesbury area of Buckinghamshire

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Swedish, Sports, Pregnancy & Chair Massage in the Thame area of Oxfordshire and Haddenham & Aylesbury area of Buckinghamshire

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is widely acknowledged as a great way to relax and ease tension as well as reducing levels of stress hormones, bringing calm to both mum-to-be and baby. Other benefits to having massage during your pregnancy include:

Relief from muscular aches and pains, especially in the lower back, neck, hips, and legs.

Increase in blood and lymph circulation, which can reduce swelling.

Reduces stress on weight-bearing joints.  

Enhances the pliability of skin and underlying tissues.

Massage during pregnancy differs from a regular massage because knowledge of pregnancy and the anatomy of a pregnant woman is very important. This means that positioning during a massage is critical to the safety and well-being of both the mother and the baby she is carrying. There are also parts of the body that should not be massaged.

The massage table will be set up so you will lie in a semi-reclining position. This is not only really comfortable, but safe for your baby, and from this you will turn from side to side to do your back and hips. Lots of pillows will be used to make you comfortable. Soft music can be played in the background to help you relax and drift off if you wish.

Massage is beneficial for almost everyone. Even women carrying multiples babies can benefit greatly from massage. There may be certain conditions that may or may not be related to the pregnancy that would preclude massage or certain types of massage. This may include women at risk for premature labour, women with blood clots or clotting disorders, and other ailments. Depending on your initial consultation it may be recommended that you have written consent from your doctor or midwife before receiving your massage. You and your pregnancy are unique, and your massage will be tailored around what is required.

Although massage has never been associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, you should be at least 14 weeks pregnant, or 20 weeks if there has been a history of miscarriage.

Treatments Available

Full body massage (shoulders, arms, hands, tummy, legs, back, neck and shoulders) - 55 minutes

Half body massage (back, neck and shoulders) - 30 minutes

Half Body Massage plus arms and hands - 40 mins

Pregnancy Massage

I gained my certificate in pregnancy massage from St Mary’s College, Twickenham in 2004 after having my first child as I was unable to find a qualified therapist in the area I was living when I was pregnant and wanted to be able to provide this to other ‘mums to be’. Just being a massage therapist doesn't mean a therapist is qualified to give massage to pregnant ladies, and just because a brochure offers pregnancy massage doesn't always mean everyone is qualified to perform this type of massage.

Pregnancy Massage